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Joint Lab Model Driven Materials Characterization (JL MDMC)

JL MDMC will initially focus on materials characterization using three techniques: electron microscopy in the Ernst Ruska-Centre (ER-C) in FZJ and the Karlsruhe Nano Micro Facility (KMNF) at KIT, nuclear magnetic resonance in the KNMF at KIT and synchrotron-based studies at the German Engineering Materials Science Centre (GEMS) at Hereon. The latter technique will provide a link to the Helmholtz Research Field Matter, in which Hereon develops and operates instruments at synchrotron and neutron sources.

The Joint Lab Model and Data Driven Materials Characterization (MDMC) will establish a central, correlative experimental methodology platform of the latest multiscale and multidimensional characterization, analytics and simulation methods. The platform will be open to users from different scientific disciplines, and may be used to acquire scientific and technical information which may be applied for the design of multiscale and cross-process models of materials and biological systems. The establishment of JL-MDMC is supported by funds from the Helmholtz Association Research Area Information, the Helmholtz Innovation Pool MDMC and the participating Helmholtz centres.

These three Helmholtz centers each support instrumentation, technique and method development for the atomic, nano or micro scale structural, spectroscopic or functional characterization of materials, including in situ and operando capabilities.

During the PoF IV period, the scope of the JL will be extended progressively to other techniques.

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