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X-ray Tomography (XCT)

An X-ray tomography system relies on an imaging technique where multiple X-ray measurements, taken from different angles by a rotating X-ray tube around the target, are processed using reconstruction algorithms, in order to produce tomographic images. This type of device is typically used in medical applications to get images of the inner body, in a non-invasive way.
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"The combination of x-ray microscopy and tomography offers the reconstruction of 3-dimensional data-sets of the inner life - without destroying the sample with mechanical cuts.
The word tomography is composed of the greek words tomé (to section) and gráphein (to write, to draw) and means to record an image of a section through an object. Tomography is a mathematical technique that reconstructs a property of the object, e. g., its x-ray attenuation coefficient, from a series of integrals of this property, e. g., a series of transmission images through the object."
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