MR. Jan Reimers

Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, Institute of Metallic Biomaterials, Department of Imaging and Data Science;
Research Centre Jülich, Ernst Ruska-Centre, ER-C-2

Interested in biomaterials and correlating different imaging techniques. Especially understanding the biodegradation processes of Magnesium-based alloys at the micro- to nanoscale by applying synchrotron radiation nano computed tomography and transmission electron microscopy techniques.


Development of a Bioreactor-Coupled Flow-Cell Setup for 3D In Situ Nanotomography of Mg Alloy Biodegradation

Reimers J, Trinh H, Wiese B, Meyer S, Brehling J, Flenner S, Hagemann J, Kruth M, Kibkalo L, Ćwieka H, Hindenlang B, Lipinska-Chwalek M, Mayer J, Willumeit-Römer R, Greving I, Zeller-Plumhoff B - ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces - 2023

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