Definition: A facility is a scientific or administrative unit within one or multiple centers that operates or manages serveral instruments.

Example: The Imaging Core Facility (ICF) carries multiple instruments (a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) instrument, a Positron emission tomography (PET) instrument, ...) and is therefore considered as a facility in the Helmholtz Imaging CONNECT.


Definition: A solution can be any kind of answer to an imaging challenge. This can be software (scripts/algorithms/pipelines ...), or a dataset of images, but also a whitepaper describing a solution to a recurring imaging challenge.

Example: Earth-Watch is a software solution developed by Helmholtz Imaging.

About Album Catalogs: Album is a decentralized distribution platform for solutions to specific scientific problems actively developed by Helmholtz Imaging. Album can be used to programmatically define how to interoperate between applications. It can ship versatile applications while tweaking them for a specific target audience or use case.

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