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P05 Imaging Beamline @ PETRA III (IBL)



The imaging beamline (IBL) is dedicated to micro- and nanotomography at energies between 5 keV and 50 keV. The flexible design of the experimental stations allows for the investigation of samples with diameters ranging seamlessly from 100 µm up to 10 mm with adequately adjusted resolution for each field of view. Phase contrast imaging methods like inline phase contrast, Zernike phase contrast, and grating based phase contrast are available besides regular absorbtion contrast imaging.

See also: https://confluence.desy.de/display/P5I/FS-P05

Acquisition Parameter:



Pushing the temporal resolution in absorption and Zernike phase contrast nanotomography: enabling fast in situ experiments

Flenner S, Storm M, Kubec A, Longo E, Döring F, Pelt D, David C, Müller M, Greving I - Journal of Synchrotron Radiation - 2020

Micro-CT at the imaging beamline P05 at PETRA III

Wilde F, Ogurreck M, Greving I, Hammel J, Beckmann F, Hipp A, Lottermoser L, Khokhriakov I, Lytaev P, Dose T, Burmester H, Müller M, Schreyer A - AIP Conference Proceedings - 2016

The nanotomography endstation at the PETRA III Imaging Beamline

Ogurreck M, Wilde F, Herzen J, Beckmann F, Nazmov V, Mohr J, Haibel A, Müller M, Schreyer A - Journal of Physics: Conference Series - 2013

Helmholtz Imaging spinning wheel

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