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GINIX endstation of the beamline P10/PETRA III (GINIX)



The Göttingen Instrument for Nano-Imaging with X-Rays (GINIX) is a dedicated endstation for coherent nano-diffraction and imaging at the Coherence Beamline P10. It is located in the second experimental hutch (EH2).

The Coherence Beamline P10 benefits from the outstanding brilliance of the PETRA III storage ring. The flux of coherent synchrotron radiation exceeds that delivered by existing storage ring based sources. P10 is situated in sector 7 of PETRA III and a 5m long U32 undulator is installed in the straight section in low beta configuration. The old U29 undulator has been replaced at the beginning of 2020. The beamline operates in the medium-hard X-ray regime (5-20keV).

Helmholtz Imaging spinning wheel

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