DR. Andriy Chmyrov

I have a broad interests and expertise in fluorescence microscopy, including super-resolution imaging and non-linear techniques for deep tissue imaging.


A submicrometre silicon-on-insulator resonator for ultrasound detection

Shnaiderman R, Wissmeyer G, Ülgen O, Mustafa Q, Chmyrov A, Ntziachristos V - Nature - 2020

Label-free metabolic imaging by mid-infrared optoacoustic microscopy in living cells

Pleitez M, Khan A, Soldà A, Chmyrov A, Reber J, Gasparin F, Seeger M, Schätz B, Herzig S, Scheideler M, Ntziachristos V - Nature Biotechnology - 2019

Nanoscopy with more than 100,000 'doughnuts'

Chmyrov A, Keller J, Grotjohann T, Ratz M, d'Este E, Jakobs S, Eggeling C, Hell S - Nature Methods - 2013

Iodide as a Fluorescence Quencher and Promoter—Mechanisms and Possible Implications

Chmyrov A, Sandén T, Widengren J - The Journal of Physical Chemistry B - 2010

Strategies to Improve Photostabilities in Ultrasensitive Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Widengren J, Chmyrov A, Eggeling C, Löfdahl P, Seidel C - The Journal of Physical Chemistry A - 2006

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