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Helmholtz Imaging Modalities is now Helmholtz Imaging CONNECT

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Authors: Philipp Heuser, Engin Eren, Jennifer Ahrens, David Schwarz
Creator:  Philipp Heuser
Helmholtz Imaging Modalities is now Helmholtz Imaging CONNECT Image

CONNECT is a platform showcasing the broad and diverse portfolio of scientific imaging in Helmholtz to the public in one place. This platform makes it easy to find other experts for collaboration or support on specific imaging modalities, or instruments. CONNECT helps to find the cutting-edge technologies the Helmholtz Association offers. It makes it easy to find potential partners for the next collaborative funding call. That’s why you should be part of CONNECT.

Since our establishment in 2021, Helmholtz Imaging CONNECT has grown into a thriving network, connecting already 142 experts, 231 modalities, 172 instruments and 42 solutions.
As employee of Helmholtz you can login with your institutional credentials, create your profile, and start connecting. We invite you to add your modality to CONNECT, and add the instruments you work with in your center. You can even create labs to reflect your daily work partners or showcase your most stunning scientific images in a gallery.

But CONNECT is more than just a network. It also gathers solutions for your imaging challenges. You can add your software, datasets, and protocols and link them to all the other categories of CONNECT, so other experts can find them when they are facing similar challenges.

We are also very excited to introduce our new blog, where we invite you to publish your exciting imaging-related stories or announcements and make them known to our cross-domain community of imaging enthusiasts. Make your research visible beyond your domain! Make it accessible to interdisciplinary use.
Another exciting new feature is the Helmholtz Imaging gallery. Here you can show off your best, most interesting, and most beautiful images, which possibly didn’t find their way into your last paper.

In brief what is new:
Short summary of the most important innovations:
• your personal dashboard
• your network
• blogs and galleries for sharing imaging-related stories
• integration of Helmholtz Imaging Album Solutions [hyperlink: https://album.solution]
• optimised (and faster) search
• improved usability

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