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Bruker Xtreme II



The Bruker Xtreme II is part of the user facilities at the OncoRay Center at HZDR Dresden:

- Bioluminescence Imaging (BLI)
- Multi-Spectral Fluorescence Imaging (MS FLI)
- Direct Radioistopic Imaging (DRITM)
- Cherenkov Imaging (CLI)
- X-ray Imaging (XRI)

The Preclinical Imaging Platform at the OncoRay Center can also be used by external researchers. Contact: Vivien William (v.william@hzdr.de), Dr. Rebecca Bütof (Rebecca.Buetof@uniklinikum-dresden.de), Dr. Antje Dietrich (a.dietrich@dkfz-heidelberg.de)

Link: https://www.hzdr.de/db/Cms?pNid=38

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