DR. Marina Pils

Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Mouse-Pathology Platform

Light-mircoscopy: Fluorescence and bright field slide scanner
Customized histo- pathology work for your research:

  • Blinded and randomized histo-pathological evaluation (scores) specifically designed for your research question inclusive the interpretation and illustration of your data (approx. 50 projects per year)
  • More than 100 antigen specific staining methods for bright field and fluorescence microscopy as single or double staining
  • We establish staining methods upon your demand.
  • Animal and human tissues as well as cytological samples and even cell cultures can be processed.

Overview of our technical services:

  • Fixation using Formaldehyde, Ethanol-Carnoy, HOPE
  • Tissue embedding and sectioning in Paraffin, cryo and plastic
  • Automated hematoxylin-eosin (HE)- staining
  • Histo-chemical staining (i.e. PAS, Masson-Trichrom, Ziehl-Neeslen, Gram staining, …)
  • Immun-histo-chemical staining (i.e. CD4, FoxP3, CD11c, Influenza A, MCMV, …)
  • Every antibody staining is possible in fluorescence as well
  • Double staining (i.e. CD4/Caspase3, CD3/FoxP3), fluorescence and histo-chemical

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