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Authors: 01.04.2024
Creator:  Philipp Heuser
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Exciting news!
Helmholtz Imaging CONNECT just launched a revolutionary new feature – HI Love Bot – your gateway to scientific soulmate status.
Forget the long nights at the microscope yearning for collaboration. HI Love Bot, powered by our cutting-edge deep-learning expertise, can now reliably identify the ideal partner for you from our extensive database of brilliant imaging experts within Helmholtz.
Tired of solo experiments? HI Love Bot uses AI to find your perfect scientific match, ensuring your research nights fly by in a whirlwind of collaboration and, dare we say, true scientific romance.
Don't miss out! Create your profile on Helmholtz Imaging CONNECT today and let HI Love Bot find your perfect scientific match. Because who says ground-breaking research can't be a thrilling journey of love and discovery?
Helmholtz Imaging CONNECT - Where science meets soulmate
About the HI Love Bot... We’re sorry to tell you that we had you there for April Fools' Day!
While robot-powered matchmaking might be a futuristic dream (for now!), the amazing network of imaging experts within the Helmholtz Association is very real.
But no worries, we've got you. Here's your chance to find your perfect match in real life:
- Register & submit an abstract for a poster today for the Helmholtz Imaging Conference on 14-15 May in Heidelberg
- Mingle with fellow brilliant minds and find your "Modality-mate" – someone who shares your research passion. CONNECT with them today
- Collaborate and apply for a Helmholtz Imaging Project together! Who knows, this research journey might just blossom into scientific romance. Stay tuned here
Forget the (fictional) HI Love Bot, get ready for real connections.
Helmholtz Imaging Conference: Where scientific connections are made, not manufactured.

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