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COVID-19 Lesion Segmentation

Semantic segmentation of Ground Glass Opacities (GGO) in CT images of patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

Resources used
MosMedData: Chest CT Scans with COVID-19 Related Findings Dataset
S.P. Morozov, A.E. Andreychenko, N.A. Pavlov, A.V. Vladzymyrskyy, N.V. Ledikhova, V.A. Gombolevskiy, I.A. Blokhin, P.B. Gelezhe, A.V. Gonchar, V.Yu. Chernina


COVID-19 CT Lung and Infection Segmentation Dataset

Jun M, Cheng G, Yixin W, Xingle A, Jiantao G, Ziqi Y, Minqing Z, Xin L, Xueyuan D, Shucheng C, Hao W, Sen M, Xiaoyu Y, Ziwei N, Chen L, Lu T, Yuntao Z, Qiongjie Z, Guoqiang D, Jian H - Zenodo - 2020

human, lung

COVID-19 Lesion Segmentation Image

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