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Dislocation Ontology Suite (DISOS)

Authors: Ahmad Z. Ihsan

Keywords: #ontology

The Dislocation Ontology Suite (DISOS) is an ontology suite comprising several modules describing materials scientific concepts, representations of dislocations, and different simulation models in the dislocation domain. Currently, DISOS comprises three ontologies, including:
- Dislocation Ontology (DISO)
- Crystal Structure Ontology (CSO)
- Crystallographic Defect Ontology (CDO)


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Domain level ontology design: DISO and MDMC-NEP Provenance

Ihsan A, Fathalla S, Aversa R, Jalali M, Panighel M, Osmenaj E, Hofmann V, Sandfeld S - Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) - 2022

Steps towards a Dislocation Ontology for Crystalline Materials

Ihsan A, Dessì D, Alam M, Sack H, Sandfeld S - Zenodo - 2021


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