Detector Lab

Currently available detector systems

Medipix detectors:

  • 256×256 pixels, 55 µm pixel pitch, active area 14×14 mm²
  • Different readout chips: Medipix2 MXR, Timepix, Medipix3
  • Sensor materials: Si, GaAs and CdTe
  • Hexa modules (matrix of 2×3 chips, active area 42×28 mm²)
  • Readout systems: FitPix (UTF Prague), X-KIT (IPE collaboration)

Other detectors:

  • Dexela 1207 (CsI scintillator, 75×75 µm² pixel size, 115×65 mm² active area)
  • Perkin Elmer XRD 1621 flat panel (Gadox scintillator, 200×200 µm² pixel size, 400×400 mm² active area)
  • UFO camera (IPE collaboration, 2048×1088 pixels)

Helmholtz Imaging spinning wheel

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