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MR. Daniel Blandfort

Helmholtz-Zentrum hereon
Institut für Kohlenstoff-Kreisläufe | Institute of Carbon Cycles
- Biologische Kohlenstoffpumpe | Biological Carbon Pump
Institut für Dynamik der Küstenmeere | Institute of Coastal Ocean Dynamics
- Atmosphäre-Ozean-Austauschprozesse | Air-Sea Fluxes

By trade I'm an Aerospace Engineer who stumbled upon Marine Science while developing probes to investigate extraterrestrial glaciers.
For about four years I'm working with cameras to capture both marine live (mainly with bought systems) and physical processes (mainly with self developed systems), going on campaigns, managing stations (under and over water) and generally enjoying my Job!
I'm pretty good with a soldering Iron, reasonable at extracting all sorts of stuff out of images with python and terrible at doing the same in matlab ;-)
Also, always looking out for cool new systems and ideas! Don't hesitate to drop me a note if you would like to bounce an idea or collaboration or just for a chat!

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